After raising five children together in a large two-story home in Pittsburgh, Stacy Weiss and Will Carpenter began looking for a loft to build their empty nest. They wanted something that had character, lots of natural light, and high ceilings. After an arduous search throughout the city, they found the perfect spot in Shadyside that was being used as an artist’s studio. With Stacy’s skills as owner and buyer for Weisshouse and Will’s as a General Contractor, they believed they could create something really special in this space.

The original structure was built in 1923 as a mechanic’s garage, complete with a ramp to get the cars from the back to the concrete shop floor. When designing the space, Stacy and Will wanted to reflect some of the previous uses of the structure. They loved the original wood and steel ceiling, including steel beams forged at the Carnegie Steel Works. Keeping elements from the past not only interested them aesthetically, it also worked with their dedication to environmentally sensitive construction. It was important to reuse structures and objects in ways that are close to their original use.