Weisshouse Carpet

Weisshouse has cultivated a vast and unique carpet collection that is unrivaled within the city of Pittsburgh. We offer a large range of wool as well as synthetic carpets, whether looking for Wilton, Axminster, or natural sisal, Weisshouse has a wide section that will compliment your interiors. Our Carpet Inventory is not limited to the listing within our website, stop by our showroom at 324 South Highland Avenue to browse our entire collection. 


Why WOol!

Wool is nature’s own high performance fiber, offering durability, warmth, flexibility and reliability. The majority of the wool we use comes from New Zealand sheep, which are grown by farming families who are committed to sustainable farming practices and caring for the land.

Wool is a great natural insulator and also helps reduce noise which adds cosiness and warmth to a room. It’s naturally flame retardant and doesn’t melt like man-made fibers do. It’s also sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. It is highly absorbent meaning that it can hold 33% of its own weight in water before it feels wet. This enables a wool carpet to help control the humidity of a room.

For allergy sufferers, a wool carpet or rug will actually help to cleanse the air of dust, airborne allergens and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs). It is a common misconception that hard floors are better for allergy sufferers – this means allergens and dust can travel in the air which can make symptoms more pronounced. A 100% wool rug or carpet in a room will help limit the impact of living with an allergy."  


Here are the facts....

  • It’s flame retardant and won’t melt like man made fibers do

  • Wool releases heat slowly helping to insulate your room

  • As well as being cost effective performance-wise compared to synthetic fibers wool offers great durability benefits

  • Wool is high wicking and will hold 33 per cent of its weight in water before it feels wet

  • It’s a natural humidistat which means it can control the humidity of its surroundings

  • Wool is absorbent and can absorb Volatile Organic Chemicals whilst reducing formaldehyde present in the atmosphere from other materials

  • Wool carpets should purify indoor air for up to 30 years – great if you have airborne allergies. Carpet is better in homes where people suffer from airborne allergies than bare wood or hard floors, which cannot absorb dust and allergens

  • Wool has excellent acoustic performance – making a cozier atmosphere in any room

  • Wool makes an excellent compost and soil conditioner

  • Wool is an environmentally friendly choice:

    • 100% renewable

    • 100% biodegradable

    • 100% sustainable

*Wool information provided by Axminster & Wool of New Zealand