Taking the Floor

“Weisshouse patriarch Jack Weiss went from packing and shipping rag rugs to carpeting a community, and along the way he built an iconic family business.”

Excerpt from a feature on the history of Weisshouse in the Fall Issue of Shady Ave Magazine.

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Stacy Weiss, retailer extraordinaire..loves Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams

Patrica Sheridan wrote a great article about Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams and about much Stacy Weiss loves their furniture.

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Pittsburgh Magazine Home of the Year 2014: Best Renovation

Weisshouse congratulates Betsy Wentz. We loved helping her with the kitchen, the wood slab table, some furniture from Camerich and Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams, and area rugs. Call our Weissguys if you need some additional information. 412.441.8888

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Stacy Weiss’ loft is one of Houzz’s Top Eclectic spaces of 2013.

Stacy Weiss’ loft is one of Houzz’s Top Eclectic spaces of 2013. We are so excited to be on of the most popular eclectic spaces published by Houzz!

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Weisshouse at Warhol

The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh has placed some vintage furniture from Weisshouse in their 2nd floor gallery. Andy would approve as well as Charlie’s Angels!

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Heads up: The bust is making a comeback

Very interesting design development.

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Our own Stan Adamik featured in Houzz

Read this wonderful Houzz article by Adrienne DeRosa about Stan’s loft in Lawrenceville.

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Stacy Weiss: Shadyside, Pennsylvania

Thanks Adrienne and Houzz. You guys did a great job. Here are Stacy’s answers to some of Houzz’s background questions.

1. What or who inspired your personal style?
I can’t say that there is one person or look. My eyes are always taking in new information. I love all types of design, although I would say I like to live with more contemporary upholstery mixed with mid-century, 70s mod, and other eras.

2. How did you find your house? Was it love at first sight?
I had sold my house and was looking for a rental while trying to find something to renovate. Found this rental. It seemed perf…

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Analyzing the Couch

This is a great article about sofas and sofa construction. This NYT article explains in great detail the reasons to invest in well-made furniture. Weisshouse has built their business in only representing vendors who build good products. As Stacy always says “Buy quality and buy it once”!

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Modern Farmhouse with Weisshouse furniture

Our furniture looks great in this interior. Stan Adamik, who is a designer here at Weisshouse helped the owners of this wonderful house select their furniture.

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Weisshouse has a Molar Settee by Wendell Castle.

Read this great article about Wendell Castle. Just click on the headline. We have one of his white Molar Settees. Really comfortable! So come on over.

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Warhol preview party held at Guardian Storage

Weisshouse and The Andy Warhol Museum team-up to have a great opening part for “Factory Direct” exhibit. Check on the headline to read the article and see more pictures.

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The Gold Standard

We are proud to sell Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams furniture.

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WHIRL Honors Women in Business Class of 2012

Whirl Magazine salutes Stacy Weiss and many other women-owned business leaders in Pittsburgh. This extraordinary group of women have grown their businesses faster than their male counterparts. Women are becoming the “best drivers” of small business growth in America!

Click on the headline to read the Whirl Magazine article.

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Weisshouse Holding Ugliest Couch Contest

Ron Reinheimer from Weisshouse stops by to talk about their Ugliest Couch Contest! Click on title to view video.

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Ron Gives Some Great Ideas For Wallpaper

Ron Reinheimer a designer at Weisshouse shares his great advice on creative uses for wall paper…not your grandmother’s version. View the video with all the great suggestions. Click on the title.


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Glass Act

Our very own Stan Adamik and Ron Reinheimer, 2 of our talented designers here at Weisshouse created a beautiful design for one of the condo at The Glass Lofts in Friendship. Pittsburgh Magazine was writing about the Glass Lofts, they came to Weisshouse to design the interior. Click the headline to read the article.

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Living Inside Out

Beautiful contemporary and classic design has come to outdoor furniture. Lovers of Mid-Century modern and contemporary style want to live inside out, too. Cassina’s new LC3 outdoor sofa and armchair. Cassina is particularly proud of converting its Le Corbusier-style indoor sofa to an instant outdoor classic. The famous chrome frame was replaced with a polished stainless steel, which cradles the generous ECOFIL cushions covered in the seemingly omnipotent Sunbrella fabric.
B&B Italia also has beautiful and innovative furniture too.

“It would be at home undercover or uncovered,” said Stac…

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Kay kitchen

Modern Italian meets classic Edgeworth

Bold contemporary features open up old-school kitchen
Saturday, January 03, 2009
By Patricia Sheridan, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Interior designer Kay Wiegand cooked up a fool-proof recipe for adding a little Italian flavor to her very traditional, very American, Edgeworth home. The house, a girls boarding school during the Civil War, has all of the architectural elements you would expect from something built in 1833 — deep molding, high ceilings, original glass and two-story plantation-style colonnades along the front porch.

What you don’t expect to find is an airy, 900-square-foot …

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Ron, our very own Weissguy on Pittsburgh Today Live at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show

Weisshouse designs Pittsburgh Today Live set at the Home and Garden Show. Ron explains the whole process to design a furniture setting like the one at the Home and Garden Show.

To watch the video click on the title.

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The Idea Guy

The Idea Guy
By Victoria Bradley, on March 1st, 2011

Stan Adamik weaves a transitional modern design style through a magnificent West Virginia manse.

Stan, our very own Weissguy featured in Whirl At Home. Click on the title to read the entire article and see the fabulous pictures of the house.


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Fab House in West Virginia

Please check out this article about a beautiful Weisshouse project. Click on the title to find the article in Whirl Magazine.

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Sprout Fund Event

Thanks Whirl Magazine. Your pictures are a nice reminder of this nice event, here at Weisshouse.

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Warming Up Winter

Please check out this great article in Pittsburgh Magazine about a Weisshouse design project. Just click on the title.

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Fabulous Collecting Ideas

Bringing Personality to your Home with a Collection…Paper Weights, Colored Bottles, Antique Clocks, Woven Glass Bottles. Check out the video for some more ideas.


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Ron, our very own Weissguy on Pittsburgh Today Live

Ron Reinheimer a designer at Weisshouse shares his great advice on how to decorate your holiday table. Yellow is the theme. View the video with all the great suggestions.

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Haute Seat: Lady Luxe

Pittsburgh Magazine – Spring/Summer 2010

As an entrepreneur, interior designer, mother, humanitarian and owner of Weisshouse in Shadyside, Stacy Weiss finds the most luxurious furniture, flooring and accessories for every house.

Weiss Decision
A family-owned business for over 50 years, Weisshouse has been known for their products, customer service and client satisfaction. Stacy Weiss joined the store in her early 20s and started working in the blind department. “By osmosis I learned how to sell things,” says Weiss, “It was the best decision I ever made.” Today, Weiss, the mother of f…

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Tips on Collecting from Stacy Weiss

Apartment Therapy – August, 2010

Apartment Therapy spoke with Stacy Weiss, who is the owner and creative director of Pittsburgh design center Weisshouse. She recently redecorated her own space and wanted to share her advice on getting it right.

When you are self-taught, you don’t operate on any given set of rules; I have been fortunate to find art and design that caught my attention and my affection from every area of my life. My first tip would be to embrace this feeling – many of my collections have gained character by combining items from my personal past with new and vintage items…

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